Sep 20, 2011

Post #4 - DIY Bride (Wedding Card)

Morning All,
So today gonna tell a bit about my preparation. If you check/read my Wedding Checklist you can see I did plan to do some of my Wedding preparation things by my self (DIY). Choose to do it by myself was the early plan to save our budget. So once I decided to DIY, I remind myself it will not be that beautiful and creative as made by shop but as long as it was complete+simple+memorable it will be okay for me. 

So I decided to do my own Wedding Card, Wedding Favor, Wedding Tag & Flower Tag (it will be used by our family). Actually I'm not that creative to create or decorate something cute, but I'm more too mix & match other person idea to make it my idea (actually can't really claim it my idea). 

Google Image
So here I would like to share how I do my "DIY-Wedding Invitation Card". 

As I mention above, I'm not creative to create something and also not pro in computer (basic knowledge). So most of the time I only search everything that I want from internet (Thanks to Mr. Google once again). 

So here I share all the link that I found which can help any DIY Bride out there for their own Wedding Preparation:

Wedding Invitation Template:

Other than link above, there are more link provided if you search in Google. You can get all type of Wedding Card Template there.

So that's all for "DIY-Wedding Invitation Card".
All the best for DIY Bride out there.


debrajill said...

you getting married sooN~ COngratss!! in advance ya~ wow~ your wedding theme same like mine~ pink and purple~ i love tat color too! so cute the card~

Gunaqz said...

a-Me, good luck with your DIY wedding invitation ah. I know u can do it! Memang jimat bah bikin sendiri. Saya pun bikin sendiri dulu.

rose flower said...

Gud luck with your DIY wed invitation card. Hope everything in good hand. Cheers

a-Me said...

Thanks rose, at last siap juga la my wed invi wlupun xda secantik yg buat d kedai kan.. Hehehe.. :)

a-Me said...

Hehehe.. ya Gunaqz, memang jimat juga la.. cma memang tdak perfect mcam yg kedai buat kan, tapi at least tangan sendri yg buat kan.. :)