Dec 31, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 23 ---> How Was My Day Today?

Hi all, it's been a week I didn't update my blog and my blog challenge. So today will post all the blog challenge that already past till blog challenge day 23. 

Bit busy due to Christmas & My Engagement, so don't have much time to blog. So will blog back today.

Today is Blog Challenge Day 23. Today is 31th December 2010, end of year 2010. Today is Public Holiday after been announced by our Prime Minister, but I still have come to work due to my company not recognized it as Public Holiday + no double payment b'cause of working on PH. Haiisssshhhhhh... What to do.. "Makan Gaji". 

So, today should be happy2 day but not really happy due to working on not working day.. <sigh>

Blog Challenge for Day 22 ---> My Dream House

Blog Challenge for Day 21 ---> My Pets

My only pet, fighting fish. (hahaha)

Blog Challenge for Day 20 ---> A Random Photo And Its Description

My Engagement Day.

Blog Challenge for Day 19 ---> What's In My Make-Up Bag

I'm the one who don't know how to do makeup on my face. So I don't really have the complete set of makeup except lipstick and foundation.

(Simple is always me) <wink>

Blog Challenge for Day 18 ---> A Photo of Somewhere I Have Been Recently

This is the recent place that I have been. Museum Marine.

Blog Challenge for Day 17 ---> My Favourite Photo of My Friends

Blog Challenge for Day 16 ---> TV Show That I Currently Addicted To

Blog Challenge for Day 15 ---> Photograph of the town I live in

Dec 22, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 14 ---> What I have been doing for the past 1 week

Hi all, so today will be day 14 blog challenge.

'What i have been doing for the past 1 week'

Not doing much thing, only done my daily routine which is working and after that going back home. On weekend, went to church and also buying & preparing for my event. 

Dec 21, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 13 ---> My Footwear Collection

So here it is my footwear collect...

I know as a girl/woman, this not really that much. But, so far this is my collection. :)

Dec 20, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 12 ---> Photo of the Last Item I Purchased

The Last Item I Purchased for myself.

A pair of White & Purple Wedges. 

Dec 19, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 11 ---> Something I Ate Today

Blog Challenge for today is 'Something I Ate Today'.

So here it is what I ate today:-
For my breakfast - Popia Goreng
Lunch - mee basah + dim sum
Dinner - home made laksa Sarawak. 

Dec 18, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 10 ---> One of My Favorite Photo

Day 10 blog challenge 'One of My Favorite Photo'

To fine a nice and favorite is a bit hard due to I have too many photo that I like. But, here it is my favorite & lovely photo. A photo of my family with my "ama & akong".
Family Photo taken during CNY-15 Feb 2010.

Dec 17, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 9 ---> A Song to Match My Mood

Day 9 blog challenge 'A song to match my mood'.

Due to Christmas is around the corner (9 Days to go), so Christmas song will be the the song to match my mood. :)

And due to I love to watch Glee. So here a Christmas song that sung by Glee. ENJOY!!!

Glee - Angels We Have Heard On High 

Blog Challenge for Day 8 ---> My Dream Wedding

Day 8 blog challenge 'My Dream Wedding'

Every girl out there have their own wedding dream including me too. So my wedding dream is simple. I would like my wedding look cute (pink). Pink color is cute rite. Then I want my wedding to look pure (white) and colorful. :)

Too demand?? It's only dream.

The most important is, the one I love should be the groom. So then my wedding dream will completely come true.


Hi all, today I should post Day 9 blog challenge; but due to I'm too busy for Nov account closing yesterday so I promise to post two blog challenge for today. Will post blog challenge for Day 8 & 9. Wait for it. :)

Dec 15, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 7 ---> A Picture of Me Last 2 Years & Now and How I Changed Since Then

Hi all, sorry for the late post for my Day 7 blog challenge. So here it is, today challenge 'A Picture of Me last 2 years & now, and How I changed since then.

Last 2 years (Me & Agnes).
Now (Me & My Lil Sis)         

How I changed since then???
What did u see changed in me??
(hehehe) I look chubby nowadays compare 2 years ago, that one I really admit.
Other than that, erm.. my age will plus 1 every new year. :) 
Other than that, not really have any changed I think.. 

Dec 14, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 6 ---> My Celebrity Crush

Hi all, proceed with blog challenge for day 6. :p Actually I love today challenge. hahaha..
U know y?? It's because today challenge is "My Celebrity Crush" 
Ok. so, without wasting my time(not really). I'll would like to introduce u with my celebrity crush....

Yup, Wang Lee Hom is my celebrity crush.. :p

Dec 13, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 5---> When was the last time You did something for the 1st time

Hi, today will be Day 5 blog challenge. "When was the last time I did something for 1st time"

I did something for the 1st time is around 3 year ago. I'm not really sure which month & date, and of cause "something" will only be my secret. :)

Calendar taken from Calendar Printables

Dec 12, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 4 ---> Idea of a Perfect Date

Hi there, so here the Day 4 blog challenge, "Idea of a Perfect Date"

Here the list:
1. Cinema/Home - Watch Movie

Photo taken from Super Stock

2. Beach - Watch Sunset/Walking on the Beach
Photo taken from myLot Photos

3. Dinner (Do It Yourself/Restaurant) - It's more romantic I think if doing by our-self. 
Photo taken from Fotosearch

4. As long as he accompany me all the time, it will be perfect date for me too.
Photo taken from

Dec 11, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 3 ---> My Recent Activity

3rd blog challenge for today is ‘my recent activity’

So here the list of my recent activity:-

1. Doing Art Beads (as u can see pic in Day 1 post)

2. Sewing cross-stitch (still on progress to finish it... Picture)

3. Yoga (juz learn through video)
Pic taken from
4. Facebooking (view hear & there comment & post)

5. Blogging (yup, this is it blogging)  

So, that’s it my recent activity. All my activity are place only at 1 venue which is my house (not my house exactly, it’s actually my family house) hehehe…