Mar 29, 2011

When I Say That I Love You

When I Say That I Love You (a Franky Sihombing cover) 

[by Clara & Ariel] 

you feel that you're lonely
it doesn't prove that you are alone
you feel that nobody wants you
it doesn't mean that no one cares about you

listen to the words I say
for I will always be by your side
you mean everything to Me
and I will never leave you
coz I love you so

when I say that I love you
it means I give the best for you
when I say that I love you
I will give everything for you

no more fear about the future
and blame for the past
I give everything
when I say that I love you

if you think that you're nothing
before Me you are something beautiful
you think that you can't do anything
but you can do a lot of things with Me

listen to the words I say
for I will always be by your side
you mean everything to Me
and I will never leave you
coz I love you so

when I say that I love you
it means I give the best for you
when I say that I love you
I will give everything for you

no more fear about the future
and blame for the past
I give everything
when I say that I love you

I want you to know that I died for you
I want you to know that I gave all My life for you

when HE says that He loves
says that He loves YOU

when He says that He loves you
it means He gives the BEST for you
when He says that He loves you
He will give everything for you
no more fear about the future
and blame for the past
He gives everything
when He says that He loves you

He gives everything
when He says that He loves you

when He says that He loves you..

He really do.

Mar 24, 2011


I can't imagine my life without Facebook-ing for 24 hours.. and Twitter too. OMG! Can't live without internet! DiGi Broadband is giving us 5X Bonuslink points now? I am forever attached to the internet! #digibroadbandbonuslink.

Hello Churpers, Now the new generation of us, we need to be constantly connected to the internet, long before people will say no music no life, but for this generation, no internet no life. You will feel uneasy, your palms will be sweaty and your heartbeat will beat irregularly if one day you are disconnected from the internet world. Broadbands are the best invention, and DiGi is giving you the most affordable rates in town, as low as RM38 per month, you get to surf the internet up to 3GB! Not a broadband subscriber yet? Well you know it's never too late to subscribe to DiGi Day plan now. Not good enough? How about this, if you have Bonuslink card, you will get 3 times the point when you pay your bills on your 6th - 12th months, then there you will unlocked the major 5 times rewarding points for every RM1 when you pay your bills on the 13th month onwards. Get a broadband for yourself and your friends today, you know you need it! Have fun sharing!

Mar 23, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Let's support Earth Hour 2011

Date: 26 March 2011, Saturday
Venue: At Your Own Place

Donation for Japan

I just read masam~masam manis and Kristie's Haven and both of them are posting two different donation to help Japan.

Anyone out there who still find way to help Japan. Here are two donation that you can participate.

1 Blanket 4 Japan

For more information, please visit the link below:-
1. By visit to masam~masam manis

Socks For Japan

For more information, please visit the link below:-
1. By visit to Kristie's Haven
2. Officially website Socks for Japan

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
~Mother Teresa~

uNiQuE cONtEst

For the 1st time I join the contest in FB. The contest being held by Ni kali Lah and you can see their webpage here

Tanjung Aru Beach by Amellia Jainaip.

Please help me to like the picture above by click the link below:

Thank You. Terima Kasih.

Mar 22, 2011

Quotes of the Day

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."
~ Mother Teresa ~

ThePinkGajahStory ❤'s LUCKY DRAW

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Thanks to Beaty @ L.I.P.O.M.O.L.A for the tag.

3 bloggers yang kena tag:-

Mar 21, 2011

Word of God

"Be merciful as your father is merciful, for the measure you give will be the measure you will receive back." Jesus is very clear with his statements. We are not called to be judges or to condemn others. We are called to be brothers and sisters, to help each other, to give courage and seek together to accomplish our mission to announce the Word of God.
~ Luke 6: 36 - 38

What Are Words?

What are words? Mesti ramai yang tertanya-tanyakan kenapa tajuk entry saya hari ini lain dari yang lain. But before proceed to my entry juz wanna ask forgiveness for MIA for a few days. I’ve been busy for closing two month account. Imagine mau buat report for 2 month. Memang terpaksa berhempas-pulas. Huh…. Ok2. Enough nagging about my work. So let’s proceed about my entry today.

Picture Source 
Have you ever heard people said be careful of your words because words are powerful. Every word that comes out from our mouth is dangerous for some people. Even we think the word is true but other people will think it the other way. Don’t you think so??

Every word that comes out from our mouth is a promise for someone life. So when we say out loud the word and other people can hear it, make sure the word are word that come out from what you really think it should be not from your heart (emotion).

Every word comes out from our mouth able to “kill” someone life. What I mean of kill is where you kill someone ability, without any intention, you already kill someone imagination, ability, self confidence, etc… And their life is miserable after heard what you already said to them. You don’t even know how their life after heard what you said. So be careful with you words because it can harm someone.

And they are more causes only because of our words. So be careful with our words. You can see how powerful our word is although it’s only simple and meaningless words. It is another reminder for us to think about our word before say it to other and also to ask for forgiveness from other if we already hurt them with our words without any intention to harm their feeling . 

Picture Taken:-

P/s: Be careful of the words we speak. They can be evil,deadly, sinful, hurtful and leave a forever scar on those we spew them out to ~


Mar 15, 2011



Sila ceritakan latar belakang anda.
Labuan is my P.O.B, but my parent is Sabahan. So I still Sabahan. :)

Profesion anda sekarang ? 
Account Assistant at Trading & Service Company

Blog favourite anda .. kenapa ? 
Narrative, Informative, Photography - Yang penting menarik perhatian untuk dibaca.

Blog yang anda tak suka nak masuk .. kenapa ? 
Yang racist, yang kutuk-mengutuk, yang boleh menyebabkan merosakkan keharmonian.

Impian anda terhadap blog anda ..
Reader will love to read my entry.

Mar 14, 2011


How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

Click Here for more info. 

Old Town White Coffee!!!


At last another franchise business open in Labuan as you can see the Logo that I show above. Old Town White Coffee. So any coffee lover out there definitely can come to Old Town White Coffee at Labuan Airport and it is open 24 hours.

I'm not the one who love to drink coffee. But I know this place can be the place to hang out with friends other than McD & other place. 

As anyone know, Labuan only have a "few" place to hang out especially at night. So, with this Old Town White Coffee opening there will be another place to go. hihihi..

Mar 13, 2011

10 Day Challenge ---> 1 Photo

Today will be my last day 10 Days Challenge. Yeay... At last, I manage to finish it on time.
Only take 10 Days to finish it. So it's more easier then 30 Days challenge.

So here is my photo. (Funny n weird costume). Hihihi..

So this will be my last challenge... :) I have successfully complete my challenge. (Proud to myself) hiihi...

Mar 12, 2011

10 Day Challenge ---> 2 Songs

I really love listen to music because it is one way to release our problem. It help us to release and feel relax by listen to the melody. They are many genre of music but I'm not really expert in that cause as long as the music have good melody & lyrics then I will love it.

So here the latest 2 Songs that I will like to share. Although it is not a new song but for me it is a nice song to listen. 

1. Hope ft Jason Mraz - Love, Love, Love

2. Auburn - Perfect Two

Click the video and listen to the song ya. It's really nice songs.

Stay tune for the last 10 Days challenge; 1 Photo.

Mar 11, 2011

10 Day Challenge ---> 3 Films

It's a bit hard for this challenge due to I'm not really addicted into movie or film. But of cause I need to fulfill this challenge rite cause it is challenge for me. So here the 3 Films/Movie that really nice to watch I think.

1. Cinderella Series 
This is the first ever film I really love to watched since I'm kid and till now I still love this.

2. Harry Porter Series

3. The Cave of the Golden Rose
I don't know if anyone did watch this series in TV2 before, I'm not really sure which year but I really love this film.

If you notice, all of my 3 Films are more to fantasy, magic, where the animal can talk, fairy god mother and etc...  I really love to watch this kind of film. Hihihi.. Cause it's unique where we as human can't really have this kind of ability to talk with animal and have magic wand or magic and if anyone have people will say it is black magic or crazy because talking with animal.

So, do u have the same interest with me.. Let's share our imagination & fantasy.. :p

Wait for the second last challenge; 2 Songs.

Mar 10, 2011

10 Day Challenge ---> 4 Books


For today challenge will be Books, since I have a few book collection that I bought but not manage to finish it yet. So today I will post the book that I have & I wish to have it from the only author that really make me love to read her story. 

Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella
I know buku ni sudah lama di pasaran kan, but saya masih belum berjaya buat collection for this series. Tapi saya sudah baca juga ni buku. But, I really want this series so badly for my collection.

I also have a few of her stand alone novels by Sophie Kinsella which is:-


Other than that I also have a few novels by Sophie Kinsella but with her writer name Madeleine Wickham:-

So this is my collection for Sophie Kinsella a.k.a Madeleine Wickham novels. That I love very much and I still need to collect more of her novels. Hihi..

One more thing I would like to share. Due to here Labuan a bit hard to find a book store like Popular and others so I choose to buy online and I found one website BookXcess that selling less than recommend retail price. Where you can buy English novels & others book with really cheap price. You also can check on BookXcess Facebook for their latest book. For anyone out there that would like to go to their Bookstore, there are located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Ok, enough for the sharing and promoting.. Hihihi...

Will be right back for tomorrow challenge, 3 Films. Chiao..

Mar 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Season of Lent.

Today Gospel 
Mt 6:1-6, 16-18

We begin a new liturgical time-the season of Lent. The readings tell us to live faithfully and propose three attitudes or practices that will help us in our spiritual journey: fasting, prayer, and compassion to one another. All of these must come from the depth of our hearts because God sees what is secret and he will reward us accordingly. 

10 Day Challenge ---> 5 Foods

Foods...Foods... Everybody love Foods.


Let see 5 Foods for today challenge.

1. Chocolate

2. Cheese Cake (Any Flavor)

3. Pan Mee (Mee Tepung)

4. Dim Sum

5. Mee Basah

Yum..Yum.. All the food look delicious + smua pun yang buli kasi tambah berat badan ni.. 

Next challenge will be 4 Books. ^_^

Mar 8, 2011

100th Anniversary International Women's Day

8th March 2011

10 Day Challenge ---> 6 Places

10 Day challenge for today will be 6 Places. I'm not very sure what places should I put in this challenge and due to I'm not that kind of travelling a lot too so I have decided to put 6 Places that I wish to go... Enjoy to watch the view of 6 Places. :)

1. Mount Kinabalu ~ Sabah

2. City of Jesus ~ Bethlehem

3. The Vatican City ~ Rome

4. Fátima ~ Portugal

5. Romantic Honeymoon Destination ~ Bali

6. The Great Wall China ~ Beijing

Actually banyak lagi places but this is the Top 6 yang ada di fikiran saya. How about you, where have u been, which places you wish to go???

Till then, stay tuned for tomorrow challenge 5 Foods. (Yummy)