Mar 8, 2011

10 Day Challenge ---> 6 Places

10 Day challenge for today will be 6 Places. I'm not very sure what places should I put in this challenge and due to I'm not that kind of travelling a lot too so I have decided to put 6 Places that I wish to go... Enjoy to watch the view of 6 Places. :)

1. Mount Kinabalu ~ Sabah

2. City of Jesus ~ Bethlehem

3. The Vatican City ~ Rome

4. Fátima ~ Portugal

5. Romantic Honeymoon Destination ~ Bali

6. The Great Wall China ~ Beijing

Actually banyak lagi places but this is the Top 6 yang ada di fikiran saya. How about you, where have u been, which places you wish to go???

Till then, stay tuned for tomorrow challenge 5 Foods. (Yummy)

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