Mar 21, 2011

What Are Words?

What are words? Mesti ramai yang tertanya-tanyakan kenapa tajuk entry saya hari ini lain dari yang lain. But before proceed to my entry juz wanna ask forgiveness for MIA for a few days. I’ve been busy for closing two month account. Imagine mau buat report for 2 month. Memang terpaksa berhempas-pulas. Huh…. Ok2. Enough nagging about my work. So let’s proceed about my entry today.

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Have you ever heard people said be careful of your words because words are powerful. Every word that comes out from our mouth is dangerous for some people. Even we think the word is true but other people will think it the other way. Don’t you think so??

Every word that comes out from our mouth is a promise for someone life. So when we say out loud the word and other people can hear it, make sure the word are word that come out from what you really think it should be not from your heart (emotion).

Every word comes out from our mouth able to “kill” someone life. What I mean of kill is where you kill someone ability, without any intention, you already kill someone imagination, ability, self confidence, etc… And their life is miserable after heard what you already said to them. You don’t even know how their life after heard what you said. So be careful with you words because it can harm someone.

And they are more causes only because of our words. So be careful with our words. You can see how powerful our word is although it’s only simple and meaningless words. It is another reminder for us to think about our word before say it to other and also to ask for forgiveness from other if we already hurt them with our words without any intention to harm their feeling . 

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P/s: Be careful of the words we speak. They can be evil,deadly, sinful, hurtful and leave a forever scar on those we spew them out to ~


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