Mar 11, 2011

10 Day Challenge ---> 3 Films

It's a bit hard for this challenge due to I'm not really addicted into movie or film. But of cause I need to fulfill this challenge rite cause it is challenge for me. So here the 3 Films/Movie that really nice to watch I think.

1. Cinderella Series 
This is the first ever film I really love to watched since I'm kid and till now I still love this.

2. Harry Porter Series

3. The Cave of the Golden Rose
I don't know if anyone did watch this series in TV2 before, I'm not really sure which year but I really love this film.

If you notice, all of my 3 Films are more to fantasy, magic, where the animal can talk, fairy god mother and etc...  I really love to watch this kind of film. Hihihi.. Cause it's unique where we as human can't really have this kind of ability to talk with animal and have magic wand or magic and if anyone have people will say it is black magic or crazy because talking with animal.

So, do u have the same interest with me.. Let's share our imagination & fantasy.. :p

Wait for the second last challenge; 2 Songs.


beaty said...

sa suka Fantagiro owhhh

a-Me said...

sa pun suka sngt jga ni crita.. Tpi ssh sdh mau dpt ni crita ni.. Di youtube ja da.. tu pun da lagi episode yg hilang2..