Mar 4, 2011

10 Day Challenge ---> 10 Secrets

Morning all, so today I will start the 10 Day challenge, hopefully I will not skip a day and make it more than 10 Day to finish this challenge (wlupun untk 10 hari ja) hihihi...

So here the 10 Secrets for the 10 Day Challenge. Actually it won't be a secret anymore when other people know about it, but ya.. who knows.. haha.. 

1. I'm not really good in cooking (still improve)

2. but I love to bake cake but not good in cookies.

3. Always said "I exercise to keep fit & health" but actually.. erm.. :p

4. I'm not really good in what i'm doing rite now (account)

5. Not sure what I like (try new things n will leave it behind after a few week)

6. I know art but not into art. 

7. I bought all the makeup things but actually I don't know how to makeup *sigh.. 

8. Dreaming is always my friends (giggle), when someone talking  I still can dream and also while I'm driving... *ooopppss.. (Think to much)

9. I suppose to use spectacles due to I'm actually (rabun jauh) but still new, but I still can't accept that I need to used it cause I don't like it. *urghh

10. I'm doing this at my working place. :p

Wait for tomorrow post ---> 9 loves... 


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