Nov 17, 2014

My New Blog Site.

Hi all, lama sudah tidak blogwalking and blogging. Since lepas kawin then ada newborn then plus another newborn masa memang agak terhad untuk online, but sebab saya rindu btul blogging I made another new blog for my new image and new title. Hoohoo... "title" so by end of this Nov, saya akan delete this blog. So please follow my new blog.

Oct 1, 2013

October 1st Challenge ~ Photo of Me Doing Yoga Pose Challenge

Hi October, since it's 1st day of new month. So let's start fresh. :) For this month, I would like to challenge myself. You can see in your left side, they is 2 challenge which is October Photo & Yoga Challenge. If you like to challenge yourself, you can try it too. 

Today will be the 1st day of my October challenge, I challenge my self to do Yoga. So this is my 1st try in Yoga and I'm a beginner, so please ignore all those unnecessary thing happened or that you see surround me. Also, please tell me if my yoga pose is a bit awkward or if I did mistake with my Yoga pose. Hahaha.

Since this is my 1st try of Yoga, macam nampak snang tu pose but still bergegar juga tu tulang-belulang mau buat. But for healthy purpose I will make it better and better. :)

P/s: If you try the October challenge, don't forget to tag and inform me ya. So we can share out the exciting of doing this challenge together.

I'm Shaklee Independent Distributor

Hi all, at last I'm one of Shaklee Independent Distributor. 

Thanks to Angelina, now I'm one of Shaklee member. Now I'm on my way "Bershaklee" hahaha for my skin, so will show all of you the effect after using it. 

To those who interested to know more about Shaklee supplement, do contact me here:-
Whatsapp/Wechat me here.
019-899 8741.

Sep 30, 2013

Someone That We Love

To our friends Juliana family's who lost their father, to my husband relatives Stephanie family's who lost their grandfather and Doris family's who lost her husband. May this family be strong and may God give they strength to face all trouble. 

"God of power and mercy, you have made death itself the gateway to eternal life. Look with love on our dying brother, and make him one with Your son in His suffering and death, that, sealed with the blood of Christ, he may come before you free from sin. Amen"

"Bless those who mourn, eternal God, with the comfort of your love that they may face each new day with hope and certainty that nothing can destroy the good that has been given. May their memories become joyful, their days enriched with friendship, and their lives encircled by your love. Amen."