Oct 1, 2013

October 1st Challenge ~ Photo of Me Doing Yoga Pose Challenge

Hi October, since it's 1st day of new month. So let's start fresh. :) For this month, I would like to challenge myself. You can see in your left side, they is 2 challenge which is October Photo & Yoga Challenge. If you like to challenge yourself, you can try it too. 

Today will be the 1st day of my October challenge, I challenge my self to do Yoga. So this is my 1st try in Yoga and I'm a beginner, so please ignore all those unnecessary thing happened or that you see surround me. Also, please tell me if my yoga pose is a bit awkward or if I did mistake with my Yoga pose. Hahaha.

Since this is my 1st try of Yoga, macam nampak snang tu pose but still bergegar juga tu tulang-belulang mau buat. But for healthy purpose I will make it better and better. :)

P/s: If you try the October challenge, don't forget to tag and inform me ya. So we can share out the exciting of doing this challenge together.

1 comment:

Armstrong said...

Wow, there really is a lot of yoga going around the blogosphere o hahaa. But it's really good to do yoga. I know, even though I don't do yoga hahaa.

Happy Thursday!