Dec 31, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 23 ---> How Was My Day Today?

Hi all, it's been a week I didn't update my blog and my blog challenge. So today will post all the blog challenge that already past till blog challenge day 23. 

Bit busy due to Christmas & My Engagement, so don't have much time to blog. So will blog back today.

Today is Blog Challenge Day 23. Today is 31th December 2010, end of year 2010. Today is Public Holiday after been announced by our Prime Minister, but I still have come to work due to my company not recognized it as Public Holiday + no double payment b'cause of working on PH. Haiisssshhhhhh... What to do.. "Makan Gaji". 

So, today should be happy2 day but not really happy due to working on not working day.. <sigh>

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