Dec 9, 2010

Blog Challenge for Day 1 ---> 15 Facts About Me.

So here the 1st day challenge for me. I need to give 15 facts about myself.

1. I was born on 1987 and I’m from Labuan. Yup, Labuan Island (A place where alcohol drink, chocolate, car, etc is free tax) --> so boleh dikatakan anak Labuan la although my parent orang Sabah. But no different bah kan, dlu pun Labuan is under Sabah. So I’m still Sabahan. <Yippy>

2. Although I born in Labuan Island with free tax of alcohol, but I don’t drink alcohol (believe it or not, u still have to believe---haha---). Yup, and I really don’t like the drunk people out there, cause always make trouble.

3. I am Kadazan girl (follow my birth cert), but actually I’m mix with Chinese blood. (mcm vampire pla da blood² hehehe...) Orang Sabah bilang Kadazan+Sino Dusun la.

4. I don't know how to speak my father tongue language which is (Kadazan+Dusun) so pity me especially when i'm going back to my dad Kg. (Org crita² than me diam² sja dgar and ikt senyum² and ktwa²  pdahal not understand pn, but now bleh² sdh paham ckit) But, I know how to speak Mandarin (Sbb sikul sna chinese school when I’m at kindergarten & primary school).

5. I’m not the clever one in my family, but I still manage to study in Labuan Matriculation College also known as LMC after I get my SPM results (and actually it's not really good result). So maybe it’s my luck or maybe it really because of my result. Who knows. J   

6. Finish my study at LMC; I continue to further my study at UiTM Segamat, Johor. Actually UiTM is not my 1st choice for further my study, but what to do; it’s my destiny to be place there. And, yes I actually manage to complete my study there (which is UiTM Motto – Grad on Time).

7. Yes, I still believe that it’s my destiny I’ve been sent to Johor because I meet my special and my love one there. Actually, I met him on my 1st time join the MJCC Meeting (Diocese of Melaka-Johor Campus Ministry) at Johor.

8. After completely finish my study. I'm being unemployed a.k.a "tanam anggur" about 2 month and went to 2 interview meeting before I been accepting to work at (secret company) and the interesting part is I already work in there for about 1 year and 5 month. J

9. I just know that I got talent in doing something, e.g.; sewing, doing beads. Actually it’s not really a talent right, if you willing to learn, you will know how to do it.
Art Bead that I made.
10. I’m not really good in cooking but I know how to cook a simple dish. I think it’s already good enough than don’t know anything right. And I also love to bake a cake.

Cake & Biscuit I made before.
11. I know how to online shopping after I work and I really love it. It’s easy although have to take some risk. (My habit of online shopping still can be control so far) Is it??? (hehehe)

12. I’m “conggek a.k.a cenggeng a.k.a penangis a.k.a “other name of that”. I think it’s hard for me to control my tear. Why??? Even watching the sad story also I will cry. I think I’m really emo and sensitive that’s why, tears always with me.  

13. I still can’t finish doing my cross-stitch although it should be finish before Christmas. (16 Days to Christmas)

14. I’m working right now and I’m doing this thing (shhhhh…..) :p

15. I’m done!!! It’s a bit hard actually to write about myself but I manage to finish it up. Good challenge for me and it means I’m learning and knowing about myself too. J

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