Dec 9, 2010

Blog Challenge - 30 Days of Peace

Here the challenge, I saw it from <Lydia> blog and it was interesting. So i decided to take the 30 days of Peace challenge. 

Hope that you don't mind ya <Lydia>. 

So here's the deal, i will start by today 9th Dec 2010 - 7th Jan 2011 with detail below:-

Day 1---> 15 facts about you

Day 2---> a photo of you & your family

Day 3---> your recent activity

Day 4---> idea of a perfect date

Day 5---> when was the last time you did something for the 1st time

Day 6---> your celebrity crush

Day 7---> a picture of you last 2 years & now,and how u changed since then

Day 8---> your dream wedding

Day 9---> a song to match your mood

Day 10---> one of your fave photo

Day 11---> something you ate today

Day 12---> photo of the last item you purchased

Day 13---> your footwear collection

Day 14---> what you have been doing for the past 1 week

Day 15---> photograph of the town you live in

Day 16---> TV show that you are currently addicted to

Day 17---> your favorite photo of your friends

Day 18---> a photo of somewhere you have been recently

Day 19---> whats in your make up bag

Day 20---> a random photo and its description

Day 21---> your pets

Day 22--->your dream house

Day 23---> how was your day today?

Day 24---> meaning behind your blog name

Day 25---> things you look forward to

Day 26---> your fave cartoon character

Day 27---> wishes

Day 28---> things you have been eye-ing on but haven't got the chance to own it

Day 29---> 3 random photos you've taken 3 years ago

Day 30---> photo of yourself today and 3 goods things that happened in the past 30days
Quite interesting right?? So feel free to take the challenge. Don't forget to inform me if you(who read this) take the challenge too :)

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