Sep 9, 2011

Post #3 ~ Wedding Theme

So here it is:

We have choose our wedding theme for our Wedding Day's.

Google Image

Google Image

As you can see from above picture. 
Our wedding theme will be Pink + Purple.

Pink: Was my favorite color so it will be (Bride Side)
Purple: Was his favorite color so it will be (Groom Side)

Both color combination will look sweet + a bit white,green,black combination.


Wency Elizabeth said...

my wedding theme pn pink+purple+peach..

a-Me said...

Ya.. 2lah.. da sa terbaca dalam ur blog tu ko pny wedding theme.. :)

beaty said...

wah a-me u r getting married..ahh ur outdoor is spell bridal Benny liew not bad! how abou the charges ya?

a-Me said...

Ya.. I'm getting married soon.. Hihihi.. Yup. Sa pny Pre-Wedding Photo is Spell Bridal~Benny Liew. Sa suka tgok picture yg dia ambil bah, mostly tgok dari fb dia lah. Charges. Not bad Around 2K++ (Indoor+Outdoor). Kbetulan sa dapat wktu dorang buat promotion.