Aug 2, 2011

Unproductive Day With Productive Idea...

What a unproductive day today. [sigh]

Wake-up early in the morning, then receive sms from one of my college.
She won't come to office today an taking MC (Nothing to do in the office & I agree with her too)
Feeling depressed wasting that time without doing anything.
And what a coincidence cause same goes to me, I didn't go to work to. Taking MC. :p

So what I'm doing today...

Went to Island Garden (Breakfast with my mum & dad).
Then went to clinic taking MC.
After that bring my mom to wet market bought some fresh fish & chicken. 
Then went to Indian Fabric Shop to find "Birdcage Veil Material".
Then go back home, continue with my cross-stitch. 90% complete.

Will this be my everyday if I didn't work.
Will think about it, kind of like that routine actually..
So hows ur day today?


Armstrong said...

LOL what a coincidence o kan, you and her MC on the same day hehee.

Hey hey can't wait to see your complete cross-stitch...

btw, my day was slow.

a-Me said...

haha.. yala Arms.. Smp my kwn kerja yg stu said kmi plan x mau dtg kerja.. Hahaha.. :) Will post when my cross stitch complete.

Haha.. You juz came back from holiday kan.. 2lah malas2 lagi tu.. :p

Azeanthy Paiman said...

oh,its coincidence ka?mcm sdh plan pula..hee..

and my day was bright as usual...thanks god=)

a-Me said...

Haha.. ya. mmg nmpk mcm plan kan.. Kiki..

thats good... hope today will be better than yesterday.. :)