Aug 25, 2011

Post #1 ~ 4 Month to Go...

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Last 2 week we made an appointment with church to meet Father for our interview to have a ceremony in the church. So the interview with Father all done with unconfirmed wedding date. Still need to wait 1 more week to confirm the date. But at least we already have a date although it's unconfirmed yet and at least we can prepare some more.

So as you all can see, our ticker show we have another 4 month (unconfirmed date) to go for our Wedding Day's. Still much that we need to prepare for but "finger cross" hope everything will be fully prepared 1 week before the date. Will update more for a past few month journey to our Wedding Day's soon.

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Cherrie.Mia said...

Hi there A-Me, looking on your list...i would say oh my god...i would have a panic attack! Gosh even until now pun I haven't gone to any of the bridal house. Thinking of the so-many-things-to-do made me collapse. But anyway i'll follow ur blog and start to plan and organize.