Aug 18, 2011

10 Facts About Us!

I'm following another giveaway. It's a "Big Day Giveaway" by Wency. It's conjunction with her big day in a few month away. So before giving 10 facts about me and my fiancee. Here a few rules that I need to follow:

Must be a public follower of her blog. 
Done. I'm following her blog I think a few days ago.
This contest is open within Malaysia.
My location Labuan, Fiancee location Bintulu.
Need to write 10 facts about us.
Will write it rite away after this... (Hihihi) 

1. Fiancee born on (Boar Year, Chinese Calendar). Me born on (Rabbit Year, Chinese Calendar). Can you guest which year we born on? End of post baru kasi discover tu Year ok. And kami berbeza umur about 4 years.  

2. We met at Skudai Catholic Centre (SCC). Kami di sana for Catholic Student Meeting. It's our first met then jadi kawan. That time saya tidak berani mau dekat-dekat dia sebab dia serius and he is with a girl (actually his best friend). He is known with his talent which is good in music and his voice was nice. Our 2nd met pula ialah at Majodi, Plentong. We follow the Leadership Gathering (LG) and he was in-charge in music and me in charge in Mass preparation.(So dari sanalah start-start tu "Electric"). After that we sms-ing each other and declare our relationship on 15th May 2007. 

Masa awal perkenalan - During LG
3. Both of us study di negeri yang sama tapi daerah yang berbeza which is he study at Batu Pahat, Johor and me study at Segamat, Johor. One fact again, kami berasal dari dua negeri yang berbeza like I mention di atas He was from Bintulu Sarawak and me from Labuan. So our relationship memang Long Distance Relationship since we know each other untill now and we only using phone (call-ing & sms-ing) and now Skype (call-ing & video-ing). So we never like other couple yang everyday meet, went to dating, go to lunch/dinner, watching movie together except if he were coming to my place for a few days or me go to his place for a few days. (So pandai lah sms-ing said "saya jeles lah nampak couple jalan sama-sama, kita pula jauh-jauh")

4. "Dear" is how he address me for the 1st time after we start our relationship until now. Walaupun ada lagi nama lain (Baby & Honey) that he addressed me, but I just love the "Dear". It feel so sweet and I love how he addressed me . And for him I call him hubby or "Bear-Bear". ;p

5. Because of his love on music. He shared a song with me and that song also he dedicated to me (walaupun secara tidak langsung). And it's my 1st time received song dedication from my love and the song too was very meaningful for me. Why did I said like that, because the song was praise&worship song. Listen to the lyrics then you will know. Sharing the song here too. (❤ Spread the Love )... And until now he will always shared worship song with me. That make him more special.

GMB - Mengejar HadirMu

6. Other than the above songs. Another songs that he dedicated to me is a song that I never heard before. Kira that song is oldies song la. How he dedicated the song to me?? He make a Video with full of our picture and all his ❤ words for me. Memang touching (but sorry can't share the video here.. erm, maybe one day..) But for sure will share the song here.

Firehouse - When I Look Into Youe Eyes

and for sure since then we always dedicated a song to each other to show our love. Here the songs that I did dedicated it to him (banyak ni but share a few songs here)

Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat - Lucky 

Hope ft Jason Mraz - Love, Love, Love

Shania Twain - From This Moment

7. Both of us never celebrated our birthday together since we in relationship. Biasanya we will only calling and messaging to wish each other on our birthday. Then after both of us working we start to gift a special gift to each other. (Biasalah kan masa study belum ada duit mo pi belanja2 & buy special gift) and as I mention just now we never celebrated together so the gift will be send to him via Pos Laju and make sure he will get the gift on the day his birthday. (Thanks Mr Posmen) and him, he will direct gift to me the gift but after my birthday. (A bit late but nevermind, as long he still remember my birthday)

One of My Birthday Gift to Him. This one made by nc
One of his gift for my birthday - The Chocolate Big Bear.
8. He really love to playing music especially guitar and me really love to listen he playing & singing. So every time when he not busy, I will request him to sing for me. (tidak peduli la what song, as long I can listen his voice sing to me).

9. Both of us, never forget to greet each other every day with this 3 magic words "I Love You" which take our love more strongest, both of us never forget to said "I'm Thank You" to appreciate each other, and both of us never forget to said "I am Sorry" if we did something that hurt one an another. 

10. And now after a few years knowing each other. We get engaged on 27th Dec 2010 and now we are in the process of planning our marriage.

So here it is. My Fiancee was born on 1983 and me was born on 1987. 
"Love us patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. 
It does not boast. It is not proud. It is not rude. It is not self-seeking."


Aki said...

Yeehaa.. ^_^.v.. Itu barulah LDR.. Hm,si Aki jeles oh kamurang mo kawin sudah.. Hehehe.. sama pula umur kita ni kan?? ^_^.v.. Hehehe.. Anyway,semoga ceria dan bahagia bersama selalu.. God Bless Both of You.. ^_^.v..

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

Hihihi.. [shy].. Oh yaka pla Aki.. sama pla umur kita. Nah kan baru tau.. Erm, nda payah jeles Aki, nanti sampai jua masa ko tu.. Kasi time dlu sumandak ko, dia masih study lagi tu kan.. Anyway God Bless both of you too.. :)


wah sweet...:)
sy pun jeles ni, dr couple-tunang-pastu akan mau pun mau cmtu...hehe :)
bah, hope bahagia n kekal hingga ke akhir hayat k..GOB BLESS ! :)

nc said...

very2 LIKe ur story :)

Wency Jelson said...

yiipeee!! mcm km jg tu dlu main dedicate lagu..skli declare pn guna lagu..hahahah..I miss that moment. btw, bila plan korang mau kawin??

Anonymous said...

aww.. hope you both will have a happy life together (although of course there'll be challenges as well!). keep praying to God for your relationship. God bless you both! :)

Aemy Shamy said...

ohh this is so sweet!! you guys are the proof that LDR is okay :) hope both of you will be happy always and forever.. ^^

Effilina Pitot said...

A-me... so sweet.. wish you both happy always and may GOD bless both of you...!!

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

Sironaidura: [malu2 miao sudah da ni] hihi.. thank you ah.. Macam sa bgtau Aki, the day will come for you too.. God Bless You & Your Love.. :)

Nc: thank you very-very muches... Hihi..Without ur help xda la special gift for him..

Wency: Ya.. hihi.. same goes to you.. Every couple have their own love story & history kan. Our's big day klu ikut planning mybe end of this year or awal thun dpan..Still waiting from church side.

Tiara: Thank you very much.. Yup, every relationship have their own challenge same goes to us. But both of us or one of us need to be strong so that we can support each other. Yup will do. Thank you.. God Bless You Too..

Aemy: Thank you. Yup, it's come with more challenge and most important is Trust that what he always told me.. :) Same goes to you.

Fifi: Thank You fi. God Bless You too & your love one.. :)

AnnieMing said...

Awh.. So sweet! Love it, a-Me! ;-D

Just said...

penuh dgn music oo kamurang... sweeeettt... btw, itu lagu firehouse bikin sy ingat sama my ex! opsss... mataiiii... ;p

✿ Mitchell ✿ said...

aauuwww!!! SWEET!! This prove us LDAF or LDR can last long no matter what as long both lover try hard to make it happen! Congratulation dear! Tia lama lagi mo ring the bell.. Kc hon2 kereta kuat2 tuk kc buat pengumuman ;D

Angel said...

Aww. Schweet~ Sa baca cerita ko pasal kamu terjumpa di SCC kan, trus sa pun rindu pula kisah2 kami (sa sama bf sa) yang time duuuuluu. Trus sa pun terasa mo buat ni. Hehe.

Btw, Ruddy has a great voice. I still remember :)

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

Annie: Tq Annie.. :)

Just: Hihi.. msti ksi pnuh2 music bah life.. baru ceria2.. :p.. (ttteeeetttt) alamak. Hihihi.. Xda lah bah history bah tu, crita dulu.. :)

Mitchell: Thank You Mitchell.. I will klu sdah smpai masanya sa kasi hon2 kereta k.. :p

Angel: Hihihi.. Angel kita2 lah bah ni kan di antara ahli2 MJCC yg berjumpa jodoh d sna.. :) Ya, dia mmg have a great voice, sa pun sngat suka.. :P

Rose Flower said...

What a lovely and sweet love story....: ). sorry lama tidak visit u.