Aug 18, 2011

1st Giveaway by Sjb


Good Morning all blogger.. What a lovely Thursday today. Why?? Today is rainy day.. :p
Lama sudah berpanas-panasan especially di Labuan kan. 
Ok, back to the point. Can you see the banner up there & my tittle blog. 
Yup. I'm following "1st Giveaway by SJB".
Actually I'm interested with her giveaway which is fridge magnet {Terus terang lagi ni}

So just follow 2 simple step as mention in SJB aka Sue J-B blog and link back this post to her blog.

So lets join and support her 1st giveaway.
Giveaway Ended 31st Aug 2011 (Midnight)
Good Luck!!! 
Hihihi.. :p


SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Thanks for joining and good luck :).

Wency Jelson said...

mcm best ja.. cmna mau join ni?

✿ Mitchell ✿ said...

Mcm best.. Mo join lah :D

a-Me said...

SJB: Yup.. :) Thank You.

Wency: jom join. Just click the banner, u will directly link to the blog owner post.

Mitchell: Jom2 join. Ksi support her giveaway.. :)

Armstrong said...

Siok o, no need to do much kan. Just 2 steps! Hahaa.

Ok ok I'll join later. Now kerja dulu, busy ba ni di office (tapi masi sempat bloghop pula kan LOL).

Happy Thursday!

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

Arms: ya siok kan.. And I love the banner too.. Cantik..

Yaya.. must join. Sa ni ada juga keja but, masih m'yibuk'n diri pi follow another giveaway.. Hahaha.. Belum sempat mo pi bloghop lagi.. LOL

Happy Thursday to you too..

Azeanthy Paiman said...

Gud luck dear!!!

and happy thursday for u too!!=)

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

Yan: Thanks.. :)

Kay Masingan said...

good luck -Me..
Saya pun join...hehe

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

Thanks Kay.. :)