Oct 21, 2011

Post #5 - Makeup & Hairdo

Makeup and Hairdo was important especially on our wedding days.
It's a bit hard for me to find one makeup artist who knows doing makeup and hairdo especially in Labuan.

I did ask suggestion with my friends and a few name came on my list, with good price but I'm not really interested with their work. No offense but maybe because of their makeup style, I know every makeup artist have their own personality and styles to do makeup. 

I did ask a few makeup artist from Sabah especially around KK. Their price was reasonable but due to they are far away, I need to give them an extra allow + accommodation + transport. So it make my cost more than I expected. 

At last, I found one. Their price quite reasonable and I already make an appointment with my makeup artist next week for my trial makeup. 

Will share the photo of my trial makeup if I get the chance to "click..click.." my self.

I really love Korean Style makeup. Their makeup look make their faces look fresh+natural+glowing all the time. 

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