Oct 6, 2011

Cath-j.com Giveaway : The Recipe Book

I'm not really good in cooking, but I love to cook and try any new recipe that interesting to me, especially if the recipe show the picture of done food. (Sapa tidak t'seliur kan nampak tu picture2 yang sadap2..)

Hehehe.. So here just try my luck and follow Cath-j Giveaway

So there are a few steps and rules which list in her blog that need to be done to follow this giveaway. And all done.


Kay Masingan said...

Good luck!

Armstrong said...

So apa la yang ko masak tu a-Me? Kalo sedap, kasi courier pigi JB aa... LOL.

Happy Thursday!

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

Kay: Thank you.. :)

Arms: Tgok la dlu pa yg sa mau masak.. Kalo sedap kan, sa kasi courier sma ko yg tinggal sisa2 seja lh.. :p