Oct 10, 2011

Lovely Monday with Lovely Songs

Yeah.. Happy Monday everyone... Wlupun petang sdah bah kan.. Anyway, mungkin happy mood + another 2 hours mo balik kerja sdah.. (opppsss.... did I menation it, I'm blogging while working..) Actually, almost of my work for this month is done, tinggal few left still waiting the work sampai di tangan sa. So have nothing to do, lets blogging. :p

Okay, today I received 2 message sound like this from my fiancee...
"You're glass of wine to me... Kind of tipsy to me..."

So then I received another email from my fiancee with subject:-
"Just For You"
and with attachment ~ a song.

After listen to it, barulah sa tau tu message datang dari mana. 
1st time listen to this song and this song was very nice and I love it so much.

Another song dedicated to me from fiancee.. (trus sa senyum-senyum seja bah dgar ini lagu, ;p sa senyum seja ah... belum lagi sot bei...)

so here I would like to share the songs.

Brad Paisley ~ Shes Everything


nc said...

very sweet of ur fiancee :)

lilies.john said...

ooowh.. manisnya fiancee.. sy pun senyum2 after reading your post.

Kay Masingan said...

romantik o Fiancee ko..hehe

Aemy Shamy said...

awwww...he's so sweeeeeett!!! ^^

Aki said...

A-me.. sa mo tu Fiancee ko.. he he he.. ;-p

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

Nc: thank you.. :)

lilies: senyum2 tgok kiri-knan jga k... hihihi

Kay: tu romantik dia kan mcam chipsmore bah..

Aemy: thank you..

Aki: Aiii lain2 ko ni Aki.. hahaha... Dlam posisi bhaya sdah sa ni.. (knun).. :p