Nov 24, 2011

Here I Am & 2nd Giveaway By SJB

It's been a long time saya kasi tinggal ini blog. Sorry for no updating here and thanks for everyone who drop by here and leave your comment in my chat box & comment box.

Nothing to say about my MIA, just a bit busier &  a bit lazier lately kan. Especially bila tu computer & internet mogok.

Anyway, here I am again. Yeay!!!

So lets start today post with "Giveaway" post by SJB

as usual and most important part is,
to follow this giveaway we need to follow a few simple steps and of cause, I followed all of that.

And you know what, the purse was really and seriously beautiful and nice.
Wish I have the luck to win it. ;p

Last but not list, anyone can join the contest because:-
"Term & Conditions"
~ This giveaway is open to worldwide ~


azeanthy paiman said...

i love the colors dear!i wish i could join this one!=)

SJB said...

Thank you for joining and good luck.

a-Me said...

Yan, marilah join the giveaway.. U also can join.. :)

a-Me said...

thanks for inviting me for join.. :)