Jul 26, 2010

Quiz on Facebook - Your Birthday Secret.

:) hahaha.. Juz try a quiz on facebook "Rahsia Tarikh Lahirmu" and here the secret.. My birth date meaning is i am romantic.. hurm..(thinking...) really??? i'm not sure, need to ask my friend or someone who really know me to answer that. haha.. Ok, proceed with the result for this quiz:

1.  "People who share the same birth date with me is an idealistic and need reason to be happy". huh.. scary huh, i need reason to be happy, am i?? maybe, sometime i think. We should always have at least one reason rite to be happy, we can't be happy every time. I think so.. :p ok, forward to next result..

2. Strong family relationship is really important for us. I think, this quite correct. Everybody love our own family rite, cause they are very important in our life. Without them, we will be ALONE.. ok, next result...

3. Our feeling will affect our decision. Ok2. Maybe this quite correct too, so the key point here; never ever make any decision when we are in bad emotion, sad feeling or etc...

4. We like to help and take care of other people. Hmm.. yup2.. i like to help other too, especially my friend. They really know me; and also give me a title of "Personal Assistant" huhuhu.. is it bad??? :p

5. People who born in this date are very loyal and may be the best teacher. Erm, part of "loyal" maybe i can agree about that, but part "can be the best teacher" let me think about that 1st cause i don't think so.. hahaha..

6. They love music. Yup, i like music, but i can't play any music instrument. So is that still count that i love music? I bet yes.. haha.. :)

7. We are a loyal friend to those who forge friendships seriously. So, make friend with me.. than only you will know about me.. :p

8.  People who born in this date should learn what can be changed and what can not be transformed. Ya, i think this quite correct too. Everybody need to change the things that can be change step by step, cause we can't stay in the same place for a long time. But the important here, only change what we need to change. :* 

Another interesting result is; i'm sharing the same personality secret with Albert Einstein, Jane Seymour, John Denver, Meryl Streep, Christopher Columbus, Goldie Hawn.

Erm, interesting huh. Maybe one day i will post out the list of all known people who share the same birthday with me.. Yup2.. interesting assignment for me. Wait for the list ya.. :)

See ya...

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