Apr 30, 2009

It's the Final Countdown

I have 8 more days (starting today 30th Apr) staying in Segamat Johor. After that I will going to KL stay they for 2 night and then go back to my home sweet home. Erm, i'm still thinking what should I do after I finish my study...

The important think is, i will miss all my friend here. Will really2 miss them.. It make me wanna recall back my memory on the 1st time i arrived in Johor.
Before came here, i really upset cause most of my friend from Labuan Matriculation College(LMC) are in other universities and only me and a few of us in UiTM Segamat Johor. First time i came here, i arrived at Airport Senai Johor. On that time, i only know Ura and my high school friend Sai. Its really make me feel sad, I have to survive by myself in people place and far away from my family. Starting my new life as a universities student, i start to know my classmates, my roommate, my senior and etc. Having the life time for 3 years in here, many memories been notes. All the the feeling are their for 3 years, especially i also meet my special one in Johor(hehehe). Erm, too many memories and I really wanna write it down here.. :P but never mind, i will write it down every single memory that i have here.

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